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Omega 8 presents ~ Poet’s Corner ~ with BlueFox

I Choose

I stay within my center
I let my light forever shine
Like waves upon an ocean
Each day I cross the line

Often unprovoked
I crash upon your rock
Causing shadows to appear
Simply with my talk

My light may seem quite foreign
If you’ve been long in the shade
The point of fact may well escape
With the heat my light has made

My light may even blind you
Please use your own sun block
Cast me from your circle
Upon this lonely path I walk

The gifts that I was given
Are perfected to an art
Now I’ve shared them all with you
It’s time for me to part

A storm has brewed, the clouds have come
To take away our time
Once I chose to drift your way
Now I’m choosing to go mine

That tiny burn upon your rock
Will fade within an age
Shadows will have been brought to light
Remembered by this old sage

I’ll take these memories with me
Embraced within my heart
These shadows reflected that which was me
Now I bid you Merry Part

© Copyright: The Angel Productions, December 14/2007


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