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Omega 8 presents ~ Poet’s Corner ~ with BlueFox

Humor heals

Some things are simply supposed to be funny
Especially when you are alone with your honey
Too tired to run and too pooped to play
It’s time for a little humor to come your way

Laughing, being silly, is good for your soul
Watch for the trickster to fill up your bowl
Funnybones tweaking until you cry
Laugh all you want, it won’t make you die

Slapstick, short dick, blonde jokes overworked
You can laugh at your honey when they’re being a jerk
Nothing that won’t lift up with one humorous smile
If you’re caught with your pants down, it may take a while

Most times I’m the brunt of another’s cruel joke
I’ve learned to laugh harder even though they poke
Why would I ever let another take my spirit down
I’m keeping my smile, they can’t make me frown

I’ll just kill them with laughter and make my own way
Healing every pain I feel better each wondrous day
Humor is needed to balance your hectic life
When you are laughing you don’t notice the strife

Lighten up, my friends, or in the shift fade away
I’ll not have any darkness dampen my day
Tell a joke to another, with your honey have fun
This life’s a big circus, where all are welcome

© Copyright: The Angel Productions, April 7/2006