However, new research reveals that the opposite is true. People who smoke cannabis, especially women, have higher IQ levels than those who refrain from smoking weed.

Despite research that reveals the many healing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, many still believe that all cannabis users are stoners with no ambition in life. However, new research into the drug reveals that women who smoke weed have higher IQs than those who don’t partake in the odd joint.

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health studied 800 cannabis users, all of whom were female. They gathered data on a variety of criteria like intelligence, level of schooling, lifestyle and of course, smoking habits. The conclusion of the research produced some fantastic statistics!

Aside from the fact that female cannabis consumers were shown to have higher IQs than their non-indulging counterparts, those who were 50% more intelligent than the average female had more of an inclination to consume cannabis.

The research team behind the study was left bewildered by their lack of findings, and the results remain unexplained. The scientists suspect that intelligent women have more of a tendency to consume the herb. They believe that women who are smarter than others have a tendency to get bored with normality quicker and therefore search for new ways of exerting their creative ability and enhancing their productivity both at work and in social situations.

As cannabis legalization reaches federal levels, there will undoubtedly be an opportunity for further research to be conducted on the emotional and mental effects of cannabis. With groundbreaking statistics already hitting the headlines with regards to the medicinal use of cannabis, we can expect to see some astounding results.

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